Art Competition All Over The World (ACA)


Our Ideas:

At ACA, we are committed to promoting art competitions around the world and providing a platform for artists to display their talents, creativity and unique perspectives. We believe that art is a boundless language that can connect people's hearts and minds across cultural, racial and geographical boundaries.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage artists to pursue excellence, display their works and share their ideas and stories with audiences all over the world by organizing high-quality, fair and equitable art competitions. We believe that everyone has a unique artistic talent, and the goal of ACA is to provide a platform for these talents to be displayed and developed.


Our Values:

1.       Excellence & Innovation: We encourage and support artists to pursue excellence and innovation, stimulate their creativity and promote the development of art.

2.       Fairness & Transparency: We are committed to organizing fair and transparent competitions to ensure that every contestant has an equal opportunity to present his or her works and be fairly judged.

3.       Diversity & Tolerance: We welcome artists from different backgrounds, cultures and styles to participate in our competitions to show the power of diversity and tolerance.

4.       Community & Cooperation: We build an art community, encourage cooperation and interaction among artists, and promote cross-cultural communication and understanding.


Our Commitment:

1.       Providing Opportunities: We provide a fair competition platform for artists to have their works widely displayed and communicate with professionals and audiences in the art world.

2.       Promote Growth: We help artists continue to grow and develop by providing professional evaluation opinions, artist training and exhibition opportunities.

3.       Encourage Innovation: We encourage artists to try new ideas and technologies in their creation, so as to promote innovation and progress of art.

4.       Establish Partnerships: We establish partnerships with art institutions, galleries, sponsors and other relevant organizations to jointly promote the development of global art competitions.


Through our efforts, ACA is committed to becoming a leader in global art competitions, providing a stage to artists to showcase their talents and creativity, and at the same time bringing rich and diverse artistic experience to the audience. We believe that the power of art can change the world, and ACA will provide support and promotion for this change.

Art Competition All Over The World (ACA)