Hong Kong Youth Cup: The Third International (Hong Kong) Youth Design Competition (HKYC)

  • 2024-05-01

A.    Introduction

After years of development, the HKYC Cup has gradually developed into the most influential art and design competition in Hong Kong. Adhering to the development concept of "based in Hong Kong, looking out to the world", HKYC Cup actively seeks for wider and deeper exchanges and cooperation. 25 April 2024 HKYC Cup and the 3rd International (Hong Kong) Youth Design Competition were officially launched. For the first time, the competition face in Mainland China for submissions, so there is no entry fee for the competition. The organisers hope that the competition will promote exchanges and co-operation between domestic and international youth art and design, and promote the prosperity of art and design at home and abroad.

Note: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in the competition.

Abbreviation: HKYC


B.    Organizers

Organiser: Hong Kong Academy for Arts and Technology (HKATA), HKYC Cup & 3rd International (Hong Kong) Youth Design Competition Organising Committee (HKYC)

Promoter: Art Competition Worldwide (ACA)

Entry Website: www.aca-hk.com

Holding process: 1 May 2024 to 10 June 2024


C.    Theme

Nominal class: the twenty-four solar terms

Free category: no requirement for this item


D.    Entry method

Qualifications for Entries:

(1) Professional Group: Companies and Institutions

Note: the professional group participates in the competition in the name of the company or organization, that is, the name of the participating subject is the company name or organization name. If the contestant wins the prize, the winner is the company or organization, not an individual.

(2) Non-Professional Group: College Teachers and Students, Designers, Artists and the public

Note: Non-professional groups participate in the competition in the name of teachers and students, designers, artists, individuals and groups (teams can be formed freely, and the maximum number of teams is 4, and the maximum number of instructors is 4), that is, he name of the participant is the participant himself. If the contestant wins an award, the winner is an individual, not a company or institution.


E.    Competition Categories:

a. Visual Communication Design (including brand design, graphic design, packaging design, advertising design, web design, etc.)

b. Environmental Design (including urban design, landscape design, architectural design, interior design, sculpture design, etc.)

c. Industrial Design (including industrial design, product design, furniture design, vehicle design, etc.)

d. Animation Design (including animation design, film design, game design, etc.)

e. Fashion Design (including dress design, fashion design, etc.)

f. Interactive Design (including interactive design, media design, stage design, etc.)

g. Arts and Crafts (including oil painting, printmaking, application of comprehensive materials, photography, etc.)

h. Other Design


F.     Manuscript Requirements:

Manuscript of picture works: Please submit it in JPG or PDF format.

Manuscripts for exhibition panels: Please submit in JPG or PDF format.

Photo manuscript: Please submit it in JPG or PDF format.

Video works: Please submit in MP4 format.


a. The entries must be legible.

b. Entries should be written in English and Chinese.

c. Entries must be original and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of others.


G.    Entry Registration:

a. Enter ACA official website (www.aca-hk.com), register and log in, complete the registration according to the page prompts and related instructions, and get the entry number.

b. Name the file according to the entry number you get, compress the file (RAR/ZIP) and send it to the corresponding mailbox according to the competition categories.


E-mail for Visual Communication Design Submission: aca_hk_library1@163.com

E-mail for Environmental Design Submission: aca_hk_library2@163.com

E-mail for Industrial Design Submission: aca_hk_library3@outlook.com

E-mail for Animation Design Submission: aca_hk_library4@outlook.com

E-mail for Fashion Design Submission: aca_hk_library5@outlook.com

E-mail for Interactive Design Submission: aca_hk_library6@outlook.com

E-mail for Arts and Crafts Submission: aca_hk_library7@outlook.com

Other Design Submission: aca_hk_library8@outlook.com


Photo Guide for Entry:



H.    Event process

Application website: www.aca-hk.com

Submission Period: 1 May 2024 to 10 June 2024

Evaluation Period: 11 June 2024 to 24 June 2024

Award Announcement: 25 June 2024


I.      Competition free

(1) Mainland China: no entry fee (participants are required to publicise and promote the competition on social media platforms).

Note: This is the first time that the competition is open to Mainland China  and no entry fee will be charged. The entry fee for Mainland China is sponsored by ACA, the promoter of the competition. Participants are required to promote the competition on social media platforms and upload screenshots with their entries to the appropriate email address.

There are no specific requirements on the social media platforms and copywriting that participants should use to promote the competition. (You may use micro-signals to re-tweet the event, or use apps such as Tik Tok, Weibo, RED(Xiaohongshu), Zhihu, Baidu Forum(Tieba), etc. There are no requirements, and the screenshots can be uploaded after promotion).

(2) Entry fee for China (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) and other countries and regions: 100 (RMB)/piece

Note: The entry area is based on the mailing address. That is, if the mailing address is Guangdong Province, it is Mainland China submission and no entry fee will be charged, if the mailing address is Hong Kong, it is Hong Kong submission and 100 (RMB) per piece will be charged.


J.      Award settings


Annual Design Award (10 people)- paper award certificate and metal trophies

Gold Award (5%)- paper award certificate

Silver Award (10%)- paper award certificate

Bronze Award (15%)- paper award certificate

Sharp Award (20%)- paper award certificate


Title of Honour:

Excellent Young Designer (Annual Design Award and Gold Award winners are automatically awarded) - Paper Honour Title Certificate

Excellent Instructor (automatically awarded to those who have instructed 10 works and won awards)-Paper Certificate of Honour

Excellent Organising Unit (to be decided by the organisers according to the actual situation) - Paper Certificate of Honour


Note: Paper award certificates will be produced and stamped by the Hong Kong Academy of Art and Technology and will be sent out, and winners will be required to pay a certain courier postage fee. The postage fee for Chinese winners is 30 (RMB). The postage fee for winners from other countries and regions is 100-200 (RMB).


港青杯 (8).jpg


K.    Ownership and Copyright Statement

Please read the following statement carefully before submitting your works:

1. Original statement

Entries must be original and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of others.

2. Ownership and copyright of the entries

Participants enjoy the right of authorship of the entries. In order to popularize the results of the competition more widely, the organizers, co-organizers and publicity units of the competition enjoy the copyright of the entries. Including but not limited to the right to display, publish and publicize the competition works.

3. Other statements

Participants in the competition indicate that they have accepted the above requirements. The organizers, co-organizers and publicity units have the final right to interpret this competition.


L.     Contact Us

Event official website:www.aca-hk.com

Official email address:aca.hk.office@gmail.com




WeChat Official Accounts:环球艺竞