"Unknown Boundaries" Art Design Competition of Hanyang University in Korea in 2023 (UBAC)

  • 2023-12-06


"Unknown Boundaries" refer to those areas, concepts or realms that we have not explored or understood. It represents the limitation of our knowledge and understanding of a certain subject, field or phenomenon. These boundaries may be due to the limitations of science and technology, cultural concepts, personal experience, or because we have not conducted in-depth research and exploration in some fields.

In 2023, Hanyang University is honored to announce the holding of a global art design competition to explore and demonstrate the creativity and infinite possibilities of "unknown Boundaries". The purpose of this competition is to encourage artists, designers and creative people to explore unknown areas from multiple angles, challenge traditional ideas and show their innovative thinking and imagination through artistic design works.

The competition will provide an international platform for the participants, so that they have the opportunity to communicate and express their minds with artists, designers and creative people from all over the world. Entries will be selected by a senior jury jointly established by the organizer and the co-organizer, and the evaluation criteria will include creativity, technology and unique expression. The final winning works will be displayed in the Online Exhibition column of ACA official website (www.aca-hk.com), and the winners will be rewarded with prizes and honorary certificates.

Abbreviation of the Competition: UBAC



A. Organizer

Hanyang University (한양대 ERICA 유학생회)

Located in Seoul, the capital of Korea, Hanyang University is a famous private comprehensive university. Founded in 1939, Hanyang University is one of the earliest engineering universities in Korea. With its excellent teaching and research achievements, it enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad and is considered as one of the most influential universities in Korea. Hanyang University ranked 157th in 2023 QS World University.



B. Co-Organizer

Hong Kong Arts and Technology Academy (HKATA)

HKATA is a cutting-edge research institution dedicated to leading the integration and development of art and technology. Our core mission is to endow art with unlimited creative possibilities and deepen the public's perception and experience of art through the application of innovative technology.

The research field of HKATA covers various forms of art and the latest application of science and technology. We are committed to exploring the frontier intersection of art and technology, from the in-depth study of visual art to the innovative practice of performing art, and then to the pioneering exploration of digital art and virtual reality art. At the same time, we are also pay close attention to how science and technology can innovate the way of artistic creation, display and dissemination, and how to lead the digital transformation and intelligent development of the art industry.

HKATA's team consists of a group of professionals who love art and technology, including artists, scientists, engineers, designers and so on. Through cooperation, exchange and sharing, we constantly promote the integration and innovation of art and technology. Our research findings include not only various forms of artistic works, but also academic papers, patent applications and technical exhibitions.

The goal of HKATA is to become the world's leading art and technology research institution, providing strong support and promotion for the development of art and technology. We hope that through our work, we can not only promote the progress and development of art, but also provide the public with more diverse and deeper artistic experiences.


Hong Kong Designers Institution (HKDI)

HKDI is an international non-profit organization approved by the government of China Special Administrative Region. HKDI holds various activities regularly, including seminars, lectures, workshops, exhibitions etc. By providing platforms, education and resources, HKDI is committed to cultivating and upgrading designers' professional skills and innovative thinking, and promoting the development and progress of the design industry. In addition, the Institute has established cooperative relations with many industry organizations and academic institutions and signed memorandums of cooperation.



C. Publicity Unit

Art Competition All Over The World (ACA)

ACA is committed to becoming a leader in the field of global art competitions, providing artists with a stage to display their talents and creativity, and at the same time bringing rich and varied artistic experiences to the audience. We believe that the power of art can change the world, and ACA will support and promote this change.



D. Jury

The organizer and co-organizer will jointly set up the "Jury of the 2023 ‘Unknown Boundaries’ Art Design Competition of Hanyang University in Korea" for selection.



E. Entry method

Qualifications for Entries:

(1) Professional Group: Companies and Institutions

Note: the professional group participates in the competition in the name of the company or organization, that is, the name of the participating subject is the company name or organization name. If the contestant wins the prize, the winner is the company or organization, not an individual.

(2) Non-Professional Group: College Teachers and Students, Designers, Artists and the public

Note: Non-professional groups participate in the competition in the name of teachers and students, designers, artists, individuals and groups (teams can be formed freely, and the maximum number of teams is 4, and the maximum number of instructors is 4), that is, he name of the participant is the participant himself. If the contestant wins an award, the winner is an individual, not a company or institution.


Competition Categories:

a. Visual Communication Design (including brand design, graphic design, packaging design, advertising design, web design, etc.)

b. Environmental Design (including urban design, landscape design, architectural design, interior design, sculpture design, etc.)

c. Industrial Design (including industrial design, product design, furniture design, vehicle design, etc.)

d. Animation Design (including animation design, film design, game design, etc.)

e. Fashion Design (including dress design, fashion design, etc.)

f. Interactive Design (including interactive design, media design, stage design, etc.)

g. Arts and Crafts (including oil painting, printmaking, application of comprehensive materials, photography, etc.)

h. Other Design


Manuscript Requirements:

Manuscript of picture works: Please submit it in JPG or PDF format.

Manuscripts for exhibition panels: Please submit in JPG or PDF format.

Photo manuscript: Please submit it in JPG or PDF format.

Video works: Please submit in MP4 format.


a. The entries must be legible.

b. Entries should be written in English, Korean and Chinese.

c. Entries must be original and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of others.


Entry Registration:

a. Enter ACA official website (www.aca-hk.com), register and log in, complete the registration according to the page prompts and related instructions, and get the entry number.

b. Name the file according to the entry number you get, compress the file (RAR/ZIP) and send it to the corresponding mailbox according to the competition categories.


E-mail for Visual Communication Design Submission: aca_hk_library1@163.com

E-mail for Environmental Design Submission: aca_hk_library2@163.com

E-mail for Industrial Design Submission: aca_hk_library3@outlook.com

E-mail for Animation Design Submission: aca_hk_library4@outlook.com

E-mail for Fashion Design Submission: aca_hk_library5@outlook.com

E-mail for Interactive Design Submission: aca_hk_library6@outlook.com

E-mail for Arts and Crafts Submission: aca_hk_library7@outlook.com

Other Design Submission: aca_hk_library8@outlook.com


Photo Guide for Entry:


Evaluation Principle:

Creativity and Originality: 20%

Feasibility and Practicability: 20%

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: 20%

Artistic Expression and Technical Application: 20%

Social Influences and Cultural Value: 20%


Creativity and Originality: examines whether the works break through the tradition, present brand-new and unique creative ideas and concepts, and avoid simple copying and imitation.


Feasibility and Practicability: examines whether the work has the potential of practical application, whether it can solve practical problems, and whether it has feasible technology and implementation plan.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility: examines whether the work integrates environmental protection, resource utilization, social responsibility and other related factors, and whether it has the potential for sustainable development.


Artistic Expression and Technical Application: examines whether the work can effectively convey the author's intentions and emotions through artistic forms. At the same time, the technical application of the work will also be evaluated whether it is appropriate, precise and innovative, and whether it can fully demonstrate the professional level of artistic design.


Social Influences and Cultural Value: examines whether the work can positively influence the society and convey positive values and cultural connotations. Whether it can promote cultural exchanges and promote social harmony.



F. Event process

Submission Period: December 6, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Initial Evaluation Period: April 1, 2024 to April 7, 2024.

Shortlisted Publicity Period: April 8, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

Payment of Final Review Fee and Modification of Registration Information Period: April 8, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

Final Evaluation Period: May 1, 2024 to May 19, 2024.

Award Announcement: May 20, 2024

Award Ceremony: June 1, 2024



G. Entry fee

Initial Evaluation Fee: Sponsored by ACA, the publicity unit of the competition.

Final Review Fee:

Professional Group: 1000 yuan (RMB) / piece.

Non-Professional Group: 100 yuan (RMB) / piece



H. Award settings

Professional Group Award:

Gold Award-Metal Award Certificate

Silver Award-Metal Award Certificate

Bronze Award-Metal Award Certificate


Non-Professional Group Awards:

Annual Design Award (1 people)-13,000,000 won and paper award certificate

Outstanding Design Award (16 people)-200,000 won and paper award certificate

Gold Award (Top 32)-100,000 won and paper award certificate

Gold Award (5%)- paper award certificate

Silver Award (10%)- paper award certificate

Bronze Award (15%)- paper award certificate

Sharp Award (20%)- paper award certificate

Excellent organizations-paper award-winning certificate

Excellent Instructor-paper award certificate



I. Ownership and Copyright Statement

Please read the following statement carefully before submitting your works:

1. Original statement

Entries must be original and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of others.

2. Ownership and copyright of the entries

Participants enjoy the right of authorship of the entries. In order to popularize the results of the competition more widely, the organizers, co-organizers and publicity units of the competition enjoy the copyright of the entries. Including but not limited to the right to display, publish and publicize the competition works.

3. Other statements

Participants in the competition indicate that they have accepted the above requirements. The organizers, co-organizers and publicity units have the final right to interpret this competition.



J. Contact Us

Event official website:www.aca-hk.com

Official email address:aca.hk.office@gmail.com




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